DECEMBER 8-10, 2023


The tangible strategy and internal energy behind how I built multiple six-figure online businesses, a self-spired loyal af community, and have helped my clients achieve over $4M in sales

all while working only 10-hours a week.

The replay of this program will sell for $1111! 


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Meet your coach

Hey, I'm Nicole!

I help creatives just like you get off the freelancing hamster wheel because you deserve to earn a good living just by doing what you love. However, as a creative and once-solopreneur, I know the road there can be a little overwhelming and frustrating. That’s when I learned how to market and sell what I do, and everything changed. By leveraging my digital presence, I was able to leave my 9 to 5 in August 2018, and have since built an over half-million dollar business! If I could, I’d take my hands off this keyboard, take your face in my hands, and let you know that this is more than possible for you, too.


In fact, you’re minutes away from experiencing the marketing and sales strategy you’ve been missing. Don’t waste another second. Let’s do this, b!